April 20, 2016

Wake Up Call for Your Eyes; Peach Correcting

Here’s the perfect wake up call for your eyes—purchasing a good peach/pink corrector to help brighten and cover discolouration under the eyes. Peach correctors are becoming very popular in the mainstream makeup world, not only for makeup artists but for your average consumer too. These correctors are pink or peach based formulas to help combat and neutralize darkness under the eyes.   

So many consumers are using basic skin tone concealers that are much too light to cover under eye darkness—what you don’t realize is that light colours highlight and draw attention to the area whereas darker shades set back and conceal. Peach pigments work much better than your standard skin tone shades to counteract dark circles which have blue or purplish undertones, and to cover post-blemish marks, veins and shadows or bruises for olive to darker skin tones.  Pink based concealers are great for creating brightness and life to dull skin and suitable to lighter skin tones. Here are my favourite products and brands to bring brightness and life to your under eyes.  

February 10, 2016

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is known as one of the few foods that is classified as a “super food.”It’s become part of our daily routine at the Henry household due to its various health and wellness benefits. My husband (a professional hockey player) and several of his teammates use coconut oil as part of their pre-game preparations and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the tiring season.
It’s important to only purchase Virgin Organic Coconut oil to keep all the benefits from processing. There are many ways to reap the benefits of coconut oil both internally or topically. See below for preparation and use ideas.