October 2, 2014

Sage Mixology

Ladies....you no longer have to make two stops before hitting a night out to pick up your alcohol and mix or try to juggle two bottles in your hand along with your super heavy purse that could pass as a carry-on while balancing in your new fabulous 6 inch heels #firstworldproblems.  Sage Mixology has developed a vodka and mix in one bottle #heavenly.  I discovered this product as I was at an event for another product launch and became obsessed. 

Sage is delivered by a bottle within a bottle which separates the juice and the vodka to deliver the perfect measured pour and freshness as though you were at a cocktail bar. If you don’t have your perfect cocktail glass with you and don’t want to be seen drinking from a red solo cup, the cap of the bottle doubles as a cocktail glass as is designed to hold a standard drink. 

Sage is now sold in your local LCBO! It comes in two flavours; Vodka Cranberry and Vodka Pink Lemonade.  Check out http://sagemixology.com/locations/map to find the LCBO location nearest you. 

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