February 21, 2014

10 Tricks to Eliminate Hair Static

Just over a week ago I was enjoying the heat and humidity and how full and fresh my hair felt while I was vacationing in Florida. My hair felt thicker, easier to maintain and static free. I could actually backcomb my hair to create the perfect volume without looking like I had rubbed my head on a balloon.  Living in Toronto with the bone chilling cool temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter has taken its toll on my hair. I find it almost impossible to style and keep volume when I’m combating severe static. So I did my research to bring all you ladies some helpful anti-static tips to keep your hair fresh, maintainable and static free.

  1. Spray your brush with Static Guard.
  2. Use dryer sheets on your hair. It will give you a static free look with a fresh scent.
  3. Run a little hand lotion through your fingers then apply to your hair when styling
  4. Spray your brush with hair spray before styling. Then re apply after styling to eliminate frizz and hold your hair. Over doing this can dry out your hair though so use sparingly.
  5. Sleep with a humidifier on in your bedroom. This will keep your hair and your skin happy and hydrated.
  6. Spray a very small amount of water on your hair or my favourite Moisture Spray by Cinema Secrets to eliminate the frizz and add a bit of moisture to the hair.
  7. Use a little cocoa butter on your hands to your hair for added shine and to eliminate frizz and static. Don’t over use as it may make your hair look greasy. Moroccan Oil is great too but doesn’t fully eliminate the static.
  8. Always use conditioner after shampooing and spray a little leave in conditioner after showering. This is a major static preventative.
  9. Use a gel, mousse or styling product before drying hair as it will add some weight to the hair and help to eliminate static. 
  10.  Spray your clothing with static guard. This will keep your hair static free all day long after using the above methods.

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Mary @marygoround4 said...

Awesome tips! I have super fine hair that loves to get staticky I am for sure going to try some of these! Hope you have a great weekend!