November 4, 2013

Next Level Art Collective

The “Next Level Art Collective” started in 2007 with three siblings in the Tilley family: MJ, Tyler and Spencer Tilley. Together, they would combine their talents, feelings and energies; often all three would contribute to one canvas.

The Collective has grown. The group consists of several emerging and prolific fine artists, from all walks of life, creating abstract art TOGETHER.

You may recognize Next Level Art Collective's (or NLAC) work in Chloe magazine, featured AGAIN in this months issue with the Beckerman Twins!

We're focusing on: MJ (Maddie-Jo) the only woman in the group. Not only does MJ create wall pieces, she creates mini modern masterpieces such as; elegant key holders and jewelry racks. Her wall pieces range from $100-1000 while her mini-masterpiece racks go for around $30. MJ paints every day, twice per day in her liberty village condo. She has a bubbly, silly, fun personality and has recently taken a break from TV sports reporting to focus on her artistic style.

MJ has just started a blog: opening up to the world sharing what inspires her; her aha moments; and what each painting means to her and how it relates to her life.  All of what she blogs are pieces that are for sale!

Come meet MJ and see her work on the following dates:

Sunday November 10th 2013 from 10-5pm at The Artisans of the Metropolis Art Show (50 Edwin Avenue, Toronto)


Thursday November 14th, 2013 from 3-8pm be at Howard Public School Craft Show, in Roncesvalles (30 Marmaduke Street, Toronto)

MJ’s Contact info:

Instagram: @maddiejotilley


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