August 16, 2013

That's Lazy

The C&C Girls headed out to Toronto's hotspot Bloke & 4th to preview the Fall 2013 collection of everyone's favourite comfortable Lazypants.  The girls got to enjoy fruity cocktails and delicious treats provided by The Sweetest Tart as they previewed the new styles, washes, colours and fabrics. The gentlemen sipped on Amsterdam 416 Beer and Three Olives Vodka with vitaminwater while they browsed the racks. The girls got to check out the highly anticipated new collection before it hits store shelves.
The brand has made more colours available from royal blue, fuchsia and charcoal to navy, black and forest green. Returning to the Core Collection is the Original French Fleece in grey and black . The Skinny French Fleece is also back by popular demand but this time new hardware has been added with zippers on the pockets which was a C &C Favourite. French Fleece Hoodies are available in green, red and purple. Building on the initial success of the brands basics, the Three Thread Original has gone acid wash with charcoal, royal blue and purple. Other new prints include Camouflage, American Flag and stone wash grey, purple, red, turquoise and blue.  For stone wash sets there is pink, red, purple and green. Rounding out the new washes is tie dye with both Hoodie and Skinny in turquoise, purple, green, pink, black and white.  As for fabrics, Lazypants has created French Fleece Herringbone which can be worn in the Skinny, Three Thread Original, Hoodie and even the Lazy Blanket.
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