July 3, 2013

Dreaming Skinny?

Seems like everyone in Hollywood, on Instagram/facebook and the news is buzzing about a new miracle wrap to literally lose inches off your body in hours. I decided I had to give it a try to see what the fuss was about and decided to go with Dreaming Skinny to achieve results. I’m pretty fit as I workout 4-5 times per week but found that I still had a little bit of fat covering my abdominal area (from drinking wine and not giving up chocolate) so I decided  to give it a whirl.

It literally tightens, tones and firms wherever you choose on your body. It’s so simple too. You just wrap the body part of your choice, wait 45-60 minutes and consume 2 bottles of water within the time frame and you can see instant results. Full results come within 3 days of using the wrap. Be sure to take lots of pictures to document your progress.  I noticed within hours my stomach looked and felt more toned. The wraps are a cloth material infused with gel. The body absorbs the gel through your skin and targets your fat cells and detoxifies.  It’s definitely something I would recommend.
For more information visit Lori on facebook at www.facebook.com/wraptoskinnydreams and to order visit www.dreamingskinny.com
Check out my results!

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