June 12, 2013

HourGlass Workout

The C&C Girls, Jessie and Leah spent the month of May with celebrity trainer and Pro Fitness Athlete Lyzabeth at her sexy & sculpting bootcamp style classes called HourGlass Workout. The girls dedicated 4 days a week for 1 hour per night in unique, sexy, and fun fitness classes that helped the two girls get bikini body ready for summer. The classes are structured to create the perfect women’s hourglass body. Each day was a new class with a mix of specialty teachers that really kicked their butts. The girls insisted they had never been to a more challenging fitness class and achieve such amazing results after just one month. From classes targeting an hour of abs to tabata style circuits to barre and high energy cardio classes you get every penny worth with your membership including a meal plan to achieve optimal results. HourGlass Workout has locations across the GTA. Be sure to check them out online for a studio near you!


Lyzabeth Lopez said...

Loved having you in class! Ya'll are super-fit!!!



Audrey James said...

Are you taking any best pre-workouts for women?