April 5, 2013

Liel & Lentz Spring Collection

Spring is near! It’s finally time for spring-cleaning and YES, that means cleaning out your closet to make way for your new spring collection! And of course included in this new spring collection, are some new ACCESSORIES! The Liel & Lentz collection (all made in Canada) blends organic forms with natural materials to create stunning jewellery pieces. A reason why I love these pieces is that they are inspired from visiting different parts of the world. The designers experience in New Delhi, India exposed her to diverse materials, colours, and modes of production. Travel is very important for creative innovation and inspiration especially when working in the fashion industry.

L&L this season;

- Simplistic design perfect for Japan-ism trends
- Combination of hand-finished woods, sterling and semi-precious stones
- Featuring statement-making necklaces, bracelets and earrings
- Add some vertical earrings with the check/stripe trend
- Throw on a chunky necklace to enhance a shoulder-bearing top
- Wear blue or green bracelets for a beachy feel

Visit their website: HERE 
Follow them on Twitter: @LielandLentz 

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