March 26, 2013

Barreworks Toronto...The Ultimate Dancers' workout

C&C Girl Jessie Sulidis took a March challenge with Barreworks Fitness studio in Toronto to get into optimal shape for her upcoming photoshoots. What an amazing class and experience. It left Jessie more toned, less body fat, more lean muscle and more flexibility. It's a class for the ultimate dancers' body. Barre classes are based on a popular exercises originating from New York and Los Angeles. It's a huge hit among many celebrities. Classes at Barreworks promise dancer-inspired workouts that combine fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates into one dynamic class with an emphasis on using a ballet barre. Barreworks has beginner classes, mixed level (strengthening, toning and cardio), BAAAre (main focus is on strengthening), and Spin classes. Anyone can do this fitness class--you don't have to be a dancer! Barreworks is currently offering introductory rates at $40 for 2 weeks unlimited. It's definitely something to try out to tone up for Spring and Summer 2013. Check out their website for classes and scheduling. See you on the Barre! Follow on twitter at

Check out Jessie's before and after at just one month.

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