January 4, 2013

Track Your Fitness with Polar

It’s the beginning of a new year and the start to lots of people’s fitness resolutions to stay or get into shape for 2013. A lot of us workout and guesstimate the calories burned and then consume more food resulting in no results. A  European company called Polar has made getting into shape and understanding your workout easy and is a great way to track your workouts and attain that body you’ve been dreaming and working towards. Polar, founded in 1977, is the first invented wireless heart rate monitor watch that keeps track of your fitness training. It has been the leading sports instrument in understanding human physiology, performance and environment.  There are several different watches based on your level of fitness and your workout choice whether it be running, cross fit, dancing, cycling etc. The watches have many features including displaying your total calories burned, fitness improvements based on heart rate, and comes in a comfortable textile transmitter.  The main categories of watches are reflected by the main goals you may have set for your activity: Get Active, Improve Fitness, or Maximize Performance. Define your goal and select your sport(s) and Polar will present you with the suitable heart rate monitors for you training activities.This is a Chandeliers and Champagne must have for your New Year resolution fitness goal! To find out more about this amazing product and where you can purchase it at a retailer near you visit: www.polar.com


Kathryn Rochford said...

I absolutely LOVE my Woman's Polar FT60 Watch & Heart Rate Monitor, it has been a lifesaver! In my first week alone it has pushed me to exceed my own goals. I blew my Polar weekly training goals out of the water with 5:25hrs of exercise and over 1,583 Calories burned, all within my very first 3 workout sessions of 2013. It is detailed enough to give you the info you want but also extremely easy to use! I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is on the market for a HRM/Watch. Well done Polar!

Alex Bandit said...

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