January 15, 2013

BOOTCAMP... at home!

BOOTCAMP... at home! This is a high impact, full body workout. It’s called BOOTCAMP for a reason. WARNING: It is hard, so do it with friends for that added motivation. It works your arms, chest, gluts, legs and core in just under 40 minutes.

Start: 5 minute run to warm up

(1) 25 sumo squats (Stand a little bit wider than shoulder width apart with toes pointed outward. Keep back straight and bend 90 degrees as if you were sitting on a chair) 
(2) 1 minute burpies (Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Jump up into the air with hands over head, drop down into push up position, lower yourself onto the floor and then jump back up to standing position, that is one, repeat this for 1 minute.)
(3) 25 pushups (Keep knee’s on the floor with arms shoulder width apart with your head in line with your spine)
(4) 1 minute high knees (Running position, while lifting knees high)
(5) 25 sit ups (Lay on back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Sit up without having your feet leave the floor)
(6) 1 minute burpies (same as above)
(7) 1 minute plank (Hold push up position, make sure spine is aligned with the head and neck. Don’t drop the butt)

Repeat Cycle 4 times! (4X)

If you would like; add in a 30 second water break between each cycle.

Stretch for 10 minutes after, then add in another stretch before you go to bed. You will be sore the next day! 

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