January 30, 2013

Goji Berries - Ancient Superfood

Goji Berry – Ancient Superfood

I just picked up this amazing superfood from Whole Foods! The Goji berry, also called the wolfberry, is native to Southeast Asia (China) and Europe. People from Asia have traditionally been known to eat this berry to increase longevity. Modern research shows that the Goji berry prevents cancer, aging diabetes and heart disease.

Health Benefits:
This is one powerful fruit that is packed with a multitude of health benefits. They are very high in antioxidants, which is key in the prevention of disease. They also help to boost your immune system and aid against vision or sleep loss. Goji berries give you increased energy, mental awareness, athletic performance, happiness and a better skin complexion.

Goji Berry facts:
-       Have more protein than whole wheat bread
-       500 times more vitamin C than oranges
-       Have more carotene B than carrots
-       Perhaps the only fruit that contains vitamin E, vitamin B1 and B6
Add it to your smoothie, cereal, oatmeal, tea, trail mix, granola bars, etc.

“Fountain of Youth”

January 29, 2013

AVANTI Turbo Hair Dryer

The C&C Girls agree that the best way to match a perfect outfit is with luxurious hair! Many of us still use our mother’s old school hair dryers or haven’t retried our first ever dryers we purchased. Most don’t realize that using an older model hair dryer is damaging to your hair. We found what we would call the best hair dryer in the Canadian market. The Avanti A-Turbo Professional Ionic Hairdryer will literally blow you away. This dryer has a built-in Ion generator which releases millions of negative ions to dry your hair faster, locks in the hair’s own natural moisture and eliminates frizz leaving a smooth voluminous healthy shine finish. This dryer delivers very high heat at low airflow (even hotter than the CHI TURBO hairdryer). You can also use the lower, quieter speed setting and still get a very hot airflow and great finish. The dryer comes with:

*2 speed and 3 heat settings

*Cool shot button
*Ion generator with on/off switch
*Anti-skid bumper
*Removable filter
*Extra-long power cord with hang loop
*Ergonomic design
*1875 watts
*Two snap-on nozzles and red nozzle for extra heat
*Diffuser for curly hair


January 24, 2013

IsaLean Shake

Isagenix IsaLean ShakesThe C&C Girls were on the hunt for the perfect meal replacement for pre-workouts to be able to maintain high energy to burn more calories and get in the best workout possible. That’s when the girls found ISAGENIX IsaLean Shake. The IsaLean Shake makes it easy to stay on track with your fitness goals as it’s packed with proteins, high in dietary fibre and less in carbs and sugars than most pre-workout shakes.  The shake is only 240 calories and helps burn fat and support lean muscle, reduces cravings and keep you full longer, increases energy and recovery periods and helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. There are two yummy flavours to choose from; creamy vanilla and Dutch chocolate. The shake is Gluten and Soy free and contains 8G of good dietary fibre with 23 essential vitamins and minerals and 25G of protein! This product gets an A+ !

To learn more or to order please contact Amy Forrest, Health & Wellness Coach at amy.forrest@live.ca or visit www.aforrest.isagenix.com   

January 22, 2013

Hottest Handbags for Winter 2013

We are in the coldest days of Winter but the Labour Day White rule is taking a new twist as the season’s hottest tote and handbag colour is crisp white! Seru, an exclusive online boutique with unique and luxury handbags launched its new hot and chic White handbag Collection for Winter 2013.  All bags are 100% handmade, limited edition and made of natural and finest leather! Take advantage now as they currently ship for FREE to Canada and the USA!

The seasons must haves are:

- The Ensenada (long and lean, casual hobo style)
- The Lusaka (woven, flexible and foldable shape)

- The Marbella (low shape with whipstitch details)

- The Paris (elegant clutch with crystal-studded enclosure)

- The Venice (structured shape with embossed patterns)
For more information visit www.seru.ca

January 21, 2013

La Tease Event - Feb 11th 2013

La Tease is the ULTIMATE pre-Valentines Day event for women, brought to you by DivaGirl & Because You Said So

"We'll have him eating out of the palm of your perfectly polished hands."

Make it a girls night! You won't want to miss out on this exclusive event and the awesome swag bags!  

Event Details:
Date: Monday, February 11, 2013
Time: 7-9PM
Location: The Spoke Club – 600 King Street West, Toronto ON ~ 4th Floor
Dress Code: Whatever you feel sexy, fabulous and confident in!

Experience “La Tease” and Being  A Women! 
  • Fabulous Cocktails
  • Delicious Food*
  • Sexy Dance Workshop - DivaGirl Fitness, Deona Scott
  • La Tease Boutique*
  • Lingerie Fashion Show* 
  • Sexy Dance Show - High Society
  • Beauty Stations- Inspire Cosmetics
  • Sweets Station*
  • Relationship & Flirtatious Dating Tips - Lida Elias, Save My Date
  • Sex Techniques & Tips – Katrina McKay, Ohhh Canada
  • Using Your God-Given Sexual Energy to Achieve Anything You Want - Leigh Clements, Shot In The Dark Mysteries 
  • Opportunity to mingle with other fabulous Divas!
Join the FACEBOOK event HERE!

January 15, 2013

BOOTCAMP... at home!

BOOTCAMP... at home! This is a high impact, full body workout. It’s called BOOTCAMP for a reason. WARNING: It is hard, so do it with friends for that added motivation. It works your arms, chest, gluts, legs and core in just under 40 minutes.

Start: 5 minute run to warm up

(1) 25 sumo squats (Stand a little bit wider than shoulder width apart with toes pointed outward. Keep back straight and bend 90 degrees as if you were sitting on a chair) 
(2) 1 minute burpies (Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Jump up into the air with hands over head, drop down into push up position, lower yourself onto the floor and then jump back up to standing position, that is one, repeat this for 1 minute.)
(3) 25 pushups (Keep knee’s on the floor with arms shoulder width apart with your head in line with your spine)
(4) 1 minute high knees (Running position, while lifting knees high)
(5) 25 sit ups (Lay on back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Sit up without having your feet leave the floor)
(6) 1 minute burpies (same as above)
(7) 1 minute plank (Hold push up position, make sure spine is aligned with the head and neck. Don’t drop the butt)

Repeat Cycle 4 times! (4X)

If you would like; add in a 30 second water break between each cycle.

Stretch for 10 minutes after, then add in another stretch before you go to bed. You will be sore the next day! 

January 14, 2013

Get Fit and Be Flirty

Looking for a fun and flirty way to get fit and achieve your New Year’s resolutions for 2013. The Chandeliers and Champagne girls highly recommend joining Flirty Girl Fitness Toronto! It’s kept the girls in shape in a fun and sexy way. Working out has never been so fun. Flirty Girl offers 96 classes a week including C&C Girl favourites Zumba, Triple Threat and Bikini Boot Camp.  Flirty Girl offers either 1 hour or 30 minute express classes perfect for any skill levels.  Flirty Girl has a hot Winter special right now offering any new students 2 months free throughout the month of January when you purchase a membership. Get your girlfriends and try out some of the C&C Girls top classes to get fit:

Zumba: combines motivating music with unique moves and combinations letting you dance away your worries. It's a fusion of Latin and International music featuring aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is an incredibly fun, easy and effective class-you'll feel rejuvenated after this high energy hour. Burns between 500-1000 calories per hour.
Triple Threat:
1. High intensity aerobics like Booty Beat or say a romp with Brad Pitt
2. Polymetric training designed to produce fast, powerful movements and improve overall "performance"…cough cough wink wink
3. Quick bits of super sexy choreography to make sure your mind stays focused and in the gutter where it belongs!

Bikini Boot Camp: Instructors in this class help you reach your goals by putting you through weight and cardio circuits for all-over toning and maximum fat burn. This class requires some serious determination – the results will make it all worthwhile! Uses weights!
Strength & Length Yoga: This class is a fusion of Hatha yoga, Pilates, & Ashtanga. You will acquire ‘length’ from the held stretches in Hatha. You will build ‘strength’ from learning and practicing yoga poses you see in photos of Ashtanga yoga. And balance and core work from pilates. This class will help you with better over-all fitness while creating strong, long, & lean muscles.
Women & Weights: Do not be mistaken ladies, working with weights WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOK BULKY…this is a huge misconception of heavy training. Women simply do not have enough testosterone to get that big without a little help from a chemist – so don’t worry, train hard, lift heavy and push yourself and you will get LEAN, TONED AND THIN – that is a Flirty Girl Promise!
Pole Dance: You'll never experience a hotter, more empowering and feel-good workout. The more you do it the better you get and when you see yourself perform a sexy pole dance, you'll be hooked! But don't think it's going to be easy. This is a serious workout! While pole dancers may seem to float effortlessly around the pole they're actually lifting their own body weight! There isn't a muscle in your whole body that won't be engaged in this class. No experience necessary.

Be sure to call to register for classes as they become full quickly. Either email: Toronto@flirtygirlfitness.com or call 416-920-1400. For studio information visit www.flirtygirlfitness.com

January 7, 2013

Why Men Love Bitches

Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dream Girl

If relationships never seem to go your way, you must read this book! 
Author Sherry Argov interviewed a variety of men of all ages and discovered that they are most attracted to powerful, independent women. It’s not a matter of being a total bitch to get the guy you want, but about holding your own in a relationship. The bitch is a smart, friendly and fun person who is very confident and driven to succeed.

“The biggest variable between a bitch and a woman who is too nice is fear. The bitch shows that she’s not afraid to be without him.”

Being the ‘nice girl’ is boring and monotonous. The nice girl gets treated badly and becomes dependant on the guy she is seeing. Don’t be afraid to be selfish at times. You are in control of your happiness and you deserve a person who will treat you like a princess. It's so easy to be the bitch! First, learn to be happy alone. You don't need to be that girl who is always in a relationship just because she feels lonely. Men have more respect for women who independently live their own lives. 

One of my favorite parts of the book shows you how to make your man a gourmet meal. First, throw two wieners in a boiling pot, slice them up, stick in some toothpicks and serve with mustard. Voila! As long as the food is warm, he’ll love it! What a thoughtful girlfriend you are! 

“Act like a prize and you’ll turn him into a believer.”

Good relationships treat partners as equals, and make one another feel good about each other. There are plenty of guys out there who think you are amazing and would love to date you, so don’t ever settle! xo

Check out the sequel below! 

20 Cal Pasta Dish: Shirataki Noodles

The C&C Girls have discovered the perfect noodle and pasta dish for your New Years diet resolutions. A big giant bowl of pasta with only 20 calories of noodles! Seems impossible right? Tofu Shirataki noodles makes it possible as the latest diet fad for 2013. The noodles were originally developed in Asia, but have become very popular in Canada as a low-carb dietary secret for pasta lovers. These miracle noodles are loaded with the good fiber (glucomannan) and have almost no "bad" carbohydrates. Shirataki comes from the root of a plant grown in various parts of Asia made from potato. The noodle has several health benefits such as controlling blood sugar levels (to fight against sugar cravings), improving cholesterol and aiding in weight loss, is loaded with protein (tofu), is gluten free and half of package of noodles is only 20 calories. The noodles alone have zero flavour so it's up to you to dress them up how you like. C&C Girls recommend the spaghetti noodle prepared with gluten free marinara sauce, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. The entire serving is just less than 150 calories and is super filling. The noodles can be found at any health food store such as Whole Foods, Organic Food Markets and Asian Food Markets at a low price of just $1.89 per package.
To prepare: Rinse the pasta in a colander then boil for 5 minutes before adding the sauce and voila! You're ready to indulge!

For more information visit: http://www.shiratakinoodlescanada.com/

January 4, 2013

Track Your Fitness with Polar

It’s the beginning of a new year and the start to lots of people’s fitness resolutions to stay or get into shape for 2013. A lot of us workout and guesstimate the calories burned and then consume more food resulting in no results. A  European company called Polar has made getting into shape and understanding your workout easy and is a great way to track your workouts and attain that body you’ve been dreaming and working towards. Polar, founded in 1977, is the first invented wireless heart rate monitor watch that keeps track of your fitness training. It has been the leading sports instrument in understanding human physiology, performance and environment.  There are several different watches based on your level of fitness and your workout choice whether it be running, cross fit, dancing, cycling etc. The watches have many features including displaying your total calories burned, fitness improvements based on heart rate, and comes in a comfortable textile transmitter.  The main categories of watches are reflected by the main goals you may have set for your activity: Get Active, Improve Fitness, or Maximize Performance. Define your goal and select your sport(s) and Polar will present you with the suitable heart rate monitors for you training activities.This is a Chandeliers and Champagne must have for your New Year resolution fitness goal! To find out more about this amazing product and where you can purchase it at a retailer near you visit: www.polar.com

January 3, 2013

ThinDish - app to track calorie intake!

It’s that time of year again! The holiday treats are done and now it’s time to get back on track! When you constantly have things on the go and you are always running around it’s hard to keep track of what you are eating each day in order to maintain a healthy diet. Well now, there’s an app for that! ThinDish is a free app you can download on your phone that allows you to take pictures of what you eat and calculate the calories you consume. An added feature is that it shows you exactly how much exercise, and what type, you have to do in order to lose what you just ate. It’s so easy to use! Just snap a picture of what you ate and come back and tag it later. Now you know exactly what you ate that day!

“The worlds first and most inspiring photo diary calorie counter”



  • Create a visual dairy of your weight loss journey.
  • Search a massive food database with nutrition for over 500,000 ingredients.
  • Track your daily calorie, fat, carb, and protein intake.
  • Shoot a photo and don't let your meal get cold; it's just not cool to log your food at the table.
  • Use your photos to log your meals or activities at any time.
  • Quickly find out how to burn off your meals.
  • Easily add your own custom ingredients and activities in a matter of seconds.
Click on the image to get your ThinDish App! 

January 2, 2013

Mobile Massage and Personal Training

The Chandeliers and Champagne girls pampered themselves and stayed fit over the Holidays with MFit Vitality! Wellness Coach Chernell Bartholomew RMT from Mfit Vitality brought the girls amazing new ways to keep fit and improve their overall health and relaxation right in the comfort of their own home.  Mfit Vitality is the new mobile way to better your life and keep those New Years’ resolutions. Their RMT’s and professionals come right to your home making it the most modern and easiest way to stay fit and get pampered. They offer personal training (one-on-one or small groups), nutrition and wellness counselling with a 90-day challenge to keep you in shape and at optimal health, as well as massages (Swedish, hot stone and deep tissue). This is great for stay at home moms and also for those who don’t have regular schedules that allows them to head to the gym and spa. For more information or to book an appointment visit: www.vitalitymfit.com
Twitter: @MFit_Vitality