December 3, 2012

Sidney Wilson --online fitness training

The C&C Girls took fitness to the next level one Saturday afternoon via Skype training session with fitness guru Sidney Wilson. Wilson is a Wilhelmina Fitness Model, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Up and Coming Actor. He is best known for his impeccable physique, informational fitness/nutrition tips and his unparalleled work ethic. Sidney is offering the latest fad in personal training -- shaping men and women online via Skype sessions. All you need is your living room, a little bit of space, water bottle, and a yoga mat. Both Jessie and Leah got an hour workout to tighten and tone that was a challenge and very unique as Sidney directed them from a web camera.  This is perfect for those that are lacking the time to get out of the house to the gym, new moms who want to get back in shape, or for you shy ones that don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment.  Sidney currently trains several reality stars, actors, news anchors, and on-the-road musicians as not everyone has the ability to get to the gym. You can get fit from anywhere in the world that you can login to a Skype session. Rates are only $300 a month for nutrition and training combined. You can lose 10lbs in 10 days guaranteed by following his fitness plan. All you need is to train 1 hour a day, 3times per week. That’s only 12 sessions a month! Check out for more details!


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