December 17, 2012

Damn Heels

Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world." The words of Marilyn Monroe inspired Damn Heels to launch their fabulous comfortable flat shoe for any occasion! The line was created after a fun night out of dancing, which grew into a collection of fabulous flats inspired by high heels.

As more women sacrifice comfort for style, Damn Heels has found a solution: a pair of shoes which look and feel fabulous no matter how high off the ground. Hailey Coleman succeeds in doing just that... she created a footwear line of foldable flats to suit any lifestyle, from a coffee meeting and yoga class, to after-work drinks and a jet-set holiday --- all day and every day.
The C&C Girls are huge fans of Damn Heels as it defines fabulous simply as looking sexy and feeling comfortable for any occasion.

For holiday 2012, the Damn Glamorous collection features shoes designed to look like a corset. The two-tone detail in front elongates the foot and leg, and shows off a hint of flirty toe cleavage. The sides skim lower ending in a beautiful lace detail in the back. The result is the look of a heeled foot, with the feel of a flat.

Each pair unfolds to reveal a hot pink lining, and the soles are embossed with the signature Damn Heels logo. They come in a clutch that makes it perfect for gift giving. The set is $55 each, and sizes range from 6-11 in three different colours (Black Diamonds, Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Glitz).

The holiday 2012 collection will be sold online at, and at select retailers across Canada.
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December 14, 2012

Vans Canadian store opening!

Vans celebrates Canadian store opening in Toronto – 245 Yonge Street, on Dec 10, 2012. (One also just opened in Burlington!) The downtown location will serve as Vans flagship store, featuring a new global design. The new store was built on a previously vacant lot and boasts 30 foot ceilings. The brand’s authentic story and foundation within actions sports, art and music is told through detailed merchandising and inspirational imagery. The highly anticipated store carries not only several of its footwear categories but also a complete assortment of apparel and accessories for men, women and children.  

The opening event was held on December 8th and welcomed legendary skater John Cardiel for a fan meet and greet. Joining him was a Los Angeles based Artist Greg “Pnut” Galinsky who custom painted hats for guests. The event was catered by Marigolds and Onions offering delicious food, treats, and drinks.    

Make your way to the new Vans store to check out some great possible Christmas gifts! 

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December 13, 2012

Zumba for Weight Loss

The C&C Girls caught up with fitness guru Candice Paulsen to learn about the benefits of the fitness  craze, Zumba! Both girls have seen amazing results in this fun but high intensity fitness class great for women of all fitness levels. It's defiantly C & C Girl approved!

1. Why is Zumba a great way to keep in shape and lose weight?

Zumba is a great way to keep in shape because it is a fun and effective workout that helps tighten and tone all the muscles in the body while working the cardiovascular system (heart,lungs). It is designed for every person and every fitness level therefore it does not exclude anyone. thanks to the great music and easy to follow routines, participants loose themselves in the class and often forget they are working out. Zumba is also a great workout because it builds a community and support team. Having a good time and the support of others increases the likelihood you will continue to workout ultimately leading to greater benefits

2.What are the major benefits of Zumba and how many calories can you burn in an hour?

 Zumba focuses on interval training (similar to high/low classes) in which faster and slower rhythms are put together to cause confusion in the bodies systems and allow for an increase in overall lung capacity (how much air the lungs can hold in 1 breath). Throughout the class there are different routines and moves that are designed to target the various muscle groups in the body including arms, legs,  and abs. In one class an individual could burn between 500-1000 calories depending on their intensity while completing the class. Another benefit is that you learn different cultural music, rhythms and movements within that dance that could be used at a later time.

3. What differs from your classes to other instructors? 

I believe that my Zumba classes differ from other classes because they follow a very athletic and enthusiastic style. Thanks to my various experiences and knowledge as a Kinesiology major, Personal Trainer, Elite Athlete, and Competitive Dancer, I feel as though I challenge my participants to push themselves more than they thought imaginable. I also believe that I truly take into considerations my participants and their capabilities as I design my classes. I tend to incorporate dance and athletic training into my routines to provide variety and challenge. I offer various levels for more complicated moves so individuals have the option to choose a level that works for their body as fitness level. Another difference is that I tend to create my own routines. Many of the dances that are performed in my class are unique to me as I created the choreography. I have super high energy and often create routines that display my energy and allow for participants to do the same if they so choose. When I create my class I want my participants to be engaged, interactive, and smiling while working hard.

4. Do you have to have dance experience to be able to follow along in a class?

Although Zumba is considered a dance fitness class you are not required to be a dancer to take the class. Of course, because a dancer has experience with music, rhythms, and choreography they may be able to pick up the routines quicker but overall the class is designed for everyone. The moves are simple and repetitive so that if you miss it the first time you can pick it up the 2nd or 3rd time around. Eventually after a few classes (since most of the routines are the same each class and only change periodically throughout the year) you will become a Zumba dancer no matter what your previous background is. I always encourage those taking the class for the first time not to get discouraged as its all just for fun, if you get lost just keep moving. Remember this class is for you and your body, so don't worry about anybody else but yourself.

Catch a Zumba class with Candice at City Dance Corps or at Flirty Girl Fitness

Check out Candice's personal Fitness website:

December 10, 2012

C&C Girls Top 5 Holiday Gifts

The C&C Girls make your holiday shopping easy this year by hand selecting their top 5 gifts for the season! Be sure to enter for your chance to win each prize listed below!
1. T By Daniel:

Golden Christmas Deluxe

T by Daniel is a unique company that is dedicated to selling premium quality, loose leaf Teas and herbal infusions with an amazing array of flavours and scents. They are taking a modern touch and adding“coolness” to tea with their wild advertisements, unusual and unique flavours and new ways to bring people together to indulge in T. Flavours vary from your traditional herbal blends to more upbeat flavours such as red velvet cupcake, fuzzy peach and coffee.

This Christmas Wow your loved ones with FIVE of our extraordinary, premium loose leaf teas, packaged in high quality popular and adorable reusable air-tight tins. The package comes complete with a new flashy Oxford 8-cup tea press and the perfect tea spoon. This makes a great unisex present for your boss, colleagues and or family members.

Visit to order.

Email with subject line “T by Daniel” with your full mailing and contact info to win an $85.00 T by Daniel gift basket.

2. Lazypants

There’s nothing better in the cold weather this winter than to cozy up by the fire with a nice glass of wine or cup of T by Daniel than in the comfort of your very own Lazypants. Based in Toronto, Lazypants was developed as an answer to consumer demand for the ultimate lounge pants. The LP motto‘Why Sweat When You Can Be Lazy’ is what Adam Bledin (creator) wants his clients to live by. The entire Lazypants collection includes original Lazypants in 18 different colours, four washes and even pockets, two Special Pride Editions, skinny Lazypants in two different fits, Lazypants hoodies in different washes and shorts in different fabrics.

Lazypants is the perfect holiday gift this winter for your special someone, girlfriends, or hip and lazy family member! to order or find a store location near you
Email with subject line “Lazy” with your full mailing and contact info to win a pair of Lazy Pants!  

3. MFit Vitality
Holiday season is the busiest time of the year so what better gift to get a new mom than an at-home massage or personal training session. Most new moms can’t find the time to get out and enjoy a spa day so why not bring the spa to your home while the little one is napping. MFit Vitality offers personal training, lifestyle coaching and massage therapy right in your own home. Learn all about stress management and how to balance new life changes and set personal goals to improve overall health and fitness. Or just to kick back and relax and enjoy a Swedish, head, or deep tissue massage.  MFit Vitality is also perfect for a girls night in and offers some amazing packages and deals to really pamper the important women in your life.

For more information or to book a service visit: or call 416.985.9823 
Email with subject line “T by MFit” with your full mailing and contact info to win a FREE mobile massage or personal training session.

4. Nayme - Personalized Necklaces
Nayme (pronounced “name”) is a proud Canadian jewelry brand that specializes in sterling silver necklaces. Nayme is a perfect personalized and sentimental gift for the holiday season! Each delicate chain has a pendant on it to symbolically represent the meaning of a name. Simply type your name in on the website to find your personalized meaning for your gift. Each necklace comes beautifully wrapped in gift box detailed with a black ribbon, specifying the name, its origin, meaning and Nayme’s unique representation of that meaning. Nayme is definitely the most wanted gift of the season!
Email with subject line “Nayme” with your full mailing and contact info to win a FREE personalized Nayme necklace.

5. Colaneri Wine Set
Looking for the perfect elegant gift for your partner’s parents or your boss/co-workers at the office? A gift set from Colaneri Winery is the perfect gift of red and white wine to suit every taste bud. Colaneri Estate Winery is a family owned and operated beautifully surround vineyard on the St. Davids Bench. Most of the wines are made in the traditional Italian appasimento method.  The C&C Girls recommended mixing the red blend called “Insieme” paired with the white win blend called “Allegria”. The red blend is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Peit Verdot best paired with red meats and all things chocolate! The white is a beautiful blend made in the appassimento style with a faint hue of caper. This is best paired with a pasta/antipasto or sea food dish.
For more information or to purchase online visit:  www.
Email with subject line “Colaneri” with your full mailing and contact info to win a Red and White wine set!  

December 3, 2012

Sidney Wilson --online fitness training

The C&C Girls took fitness to the next level one Saturday afternoon via Skype training session with fitness guru Sidney Wilson. Wilson is a Wilhelmina Fitness Model, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Up and Coming Actor. He is best known for his impeccable physique, informational fitness/nutrition tips and his unparalleled work ethic. Sidney is offering the latest fad in personal training -- shaping men and women online via Skype sessions. All you need is your living room, a little bit of space, water bottle, and a yoga mat. Both Jessie and Leah got an hour workout to tighten and tone that was a challenge and very unique as Sidney directed them from a web camera.  This is perfect for those that are lacking the time to get out of the house to the gym, new moms who want to get back in shape, or for you shy ones that don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment.  Sidney currently trains several reality stars, actors, news anchors, and on-the-road musicians as not everyone has the ability to get to the gym. You can get fit from anywhere in the world that you can login to a Skype session. Rates are only $300 a month for nutrition and training combined. You can lose 10lbs in 10 days guaranteed by following his fitness plan. All you need is to train 1 hour a day, 3times per week. That’s only 12 sessions a month! Check out for more details!