October 11, 2012

Rated R at Flirty Girl Fitness

Tonight I took one of the most sexual and empowering toning striptease classes at Flirty Girl Fitness called Rated R. Rated R was created for all you Christian Grey Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there wanting to spice up the bedroom. This class appeals to all women who are looking to tone, stretch and strip for the bedroom. Rated R incorporates strip tease moves and routines, to full body Kamasutra (crouching tiger, dipping dolphin, the cowgirl, the wheelbarrow and more) toning with a twist of sexy stretch yoga. It targets all areas of the body including your inner goddess. I left the class feeling inspired and felt my legs and arms had an amazing workout. Rated R pushes erotic boundaries and helps you attain that sexy confidence to utilize inside and outside the bedroom. This class really does Tease, Tone and Tantalize.

Rated R is lead by super sexy actress and fitness guru Michelle A and runs on Monday nights at 5:30pm and Thursday nights at 7:30pm for an hour of hotness. Call Flirty Girl Fitness Toronto at 416-920-1400 or email toronto@flirtygirlfitness.com to book your spot! Book in advance as spots are limited and go quick! See you all there.


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