October 3, 2012

Jessie's TIFF 2012 Red Carpet Coverage

Chandeliers and Champagnes' Jessie Sulidis caught up with some of the hottest celebrities in the world as they invaded Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival 2012. Jessie joined the Heavy.com team as she interviewed stars from the films Looper, End of Watch, Argo, Hyde Park on Hudson, and many more.

"It was such an amazing experience to join Heavy again this year for the TIFF coverage. It's 10 days of red carpet madness as Hollywood invades Toronto. I got to attend some of the hottest parties and galas of the year and mingle with the celebrities. I was amazed at how some of the biggest names in Hollywood are more gracious and friendly and take the time to talk than some of the newbies. Some of my favourites to interview were Ben Affeleck, Penelope Cruz, Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman. Penelope was drop dead georgous in person! She just gave birth to her son and is still as stunning and in great shape as ever. She was so elegant and graceful and made sure she made time to stop and talk with all media outlets. It can get crazy on the carpet trying to ensure you get all the A list celebrities to stop and chat with your outlet. It's a game of tug of war. Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman were absolutely hilarious. They are everything you imagined them to be from the funny characters they play in films. Dustin is exactly his Meet the Fockers character in real life. He was funny, odd, and cheerful! Bill Murray made sure to stop and talk with every media outlet even as TIFF PR tried to hurry him down the red carpet. Ben Affeleck was a complete doll. I had never really been a huge fan but after meeting him he is not only incredibly handsome and sweet but intelligent and charming too! Some of the other celebs I was excited to catch up with were Amy Adams, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Billy Bob Thornton! Can't wait to do it all again next year!"

Check out the video links below to see Jessie's Red Carpet Coverage:


End of Watch


Hyde Park on Hudson

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