August 20, 2012

Luxe Moments

The Chandeliers and Champagne ladies Jessie Sulidis and Leah Feeley had the perfect girls' weekend with Luxe Moments enjoying boutique shopping, spa treatments, tea, and delicious baked goodies!  Luxe Moments is all about taking time out for ourselves and encouraging women to engage in "luxe" moments by showing the importance of emotional and physical satisfaction. Many women have hectic busy schedules balancing work and family that they neglect a social life and divulging into a women's weekend, shopping, or spa day to refresh their sole and create balance. Luxe Moments has designed a membership program that hosts special women's events and practical workshops built on their 10 pillars; Rejuvenate, Luxuriate, Savor, Escape, Celebrate, Inspire, Celebrate, Dream, Live, Treasure and Desire.

Jessie and Leah got the total Luxe Moments package this Saturday afternoon! The C&C Girls arrived at 10am to Sweet Grass Spa where they enjoyed coffee and a small breakfast before receiving spa manicures and pedicures. The Spa is incredibly beautiful and relaxing with an amazing accommodating staff. They had so many great gift packages as well put together which makes it easy for family, friends or husbands to get the perfect tranquility package for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  After the spa services the girls' were whisked away in a limo to take on some stylish boutiques in the Yorkville area with Shop Socials. The girls visited Free People, Heidi Ho, and sipped on champagne and goodies at Home Grown which features only Canadian designers! What a perfect day! Shopping is any woman's therapy and to discover new boutiques in the city. The girls enjoyed delicious sandwiches from Zoe's Cafe on King St W before heading back to Sweet Grass Spa to enjoy a tea party with the girls from Luxe Moments , Michelle Piatt and Fajo Magazine. What an incredible day! Every woman should infuse their lives with Luxe Moments. For more information visit:

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