August 6, 2012

Brass Vixens - Pole Dancing & Fitness Studio

Brass Vixens is one of the most unique fitness studios in the Toronto area because it offers pole dancing! This is the ultimate workout studio for women who really want to open up, have fun, and be sexy! The super hot décor and colours help you let loose and kick butt! Pole dancing is definitely one of those things where you don’t feel like you are working out because it’s just too much fun! They also offer other unique classes that incorporate hoola hooping and aerial strength. I was able to try the aerial strength class where you are literally suspended in the air! Because you are hanging in the air you are able to get a further stretch and have an increased blood flow, plus it was really easy! My inner thighs and abs were just burning the next day! Brass Vixens is also known for throwing the ultimate girls party whether it be for a bachelorette, birthday, divorce party, or an “I’m SO over him party”!
Shannon, the owner, led the aerial strength class. She was so friendly and had such fantastic energy, which really made me love the class even more!

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glamcat007 said...

Shannon is an amazing instructor and runs a fantastic studio! Her instructors are fun, inspiring and incredible. Can't wait to be back in Toronto to try her aerial hoop class!