July 31, 2012

Toronto's Beer Festival 2012

This past weekend Jessie and I experienced Toronto’s Beer Festival 2012! It was definitely a good turn out as tickets were sold out fast! Everyone who is anyone was there! Some featured breweries were Coors Light, Creemore Springs Brewery, Guinness, Labatt, Mill Street Brewery, Miller Chill, Molson Coors Canada, Moosehead, Richard’s and Steam Whistle, also accompanied by some yummy greasy food! There were so many different performances, our favorite was Salt-N-Pepa (Push it REEAL good) and no I am not referring to Jessie and I. We also competed in a little beanbag toss and watched a giant game of Jenga! I can’t wait until next year! A big thank you goes out to our camera man @producerbrad 

See below for some of our favourite girly, summer beers!

Leah’s Favourites:

Jessie’s Favourites:  

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