July 10, 2012

Map My Run - Fitness Mobile App

@MapMyRun is just about the coolest new iPhone, Blackberry or Android App I’ve been using for my regular workouts! It’s a fitness tracking device that uses GPS to map out the routes that you run/jog/cycle while also tracking your speed, elevation, pace, time, distance and calories burned! Customize your profile to add friends, create nutrition plans, log workouts & map your routes. You can save all of your workouts and see how well you progress! My favorite part about the App is that I can share my progress on Twitter or Facebook! This is a real motivator because you want to be able to show off to your friends and family how far you have come in your workouts! #Running reduces stress, makes you more alert, intelligent and is great for your heart and overall health. Did I mention that it is all FREE! 

Go to http://www.mapmyrun.com/ for more information! 


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