July 29, 2012

Infinity Health Centre - Toronto

Toronto's Infinity Health Centre is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your health needs! You can now make all of your appointments with just one phone call including Chiropractic Health Care, Medical Walk-In Clinic and Family Practice, Physiotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Cosmetic Medicine and Custom Orthotics. 

The name Infinity Health Centre really says it all because there is an infinite amount of services here, plus it’s in a great location right central downtown Toronto. This Centre has something for every aspect of your lifestyle. The Infinity Health Centre has a team of Health professionals that are there to give advice and help you reach your goals. This is a great place to really learn more about your body.

The Infinity Health Centre is very bright, modern, and clean with no wait time at all. Jessie and I were fortunate enough to experience the full body massage from their registered massage therapist, Shummy Sangha. Shummy is a hard worker as I can say this was the best massage I have ever had - the ultimate massage for someone who sits at a desk all day! It is really hard to find a massage therapist who will really use the right amount of pressure while listening to your needs and communicating with you on your progress.

Another service at the clinic that interested me was the Naturopathic Medicine. Recently there has been a new health craze with gluten-free diets and all organic, plant based lifestyles, but where do you start? What is right for you? I am really interested in going to their Naturopath to learn more about my nutritional deficiencies because I am anemic, as most woman are, and I need to learn more about my nutritional intake. 

Dr. Suneel Sharman - Physician & Cosmetic Medicine Provider
Dr. Karim Riskallah - Chiropractor & Acupuncture Provider 
Kathryn Zbarsky - Registered Physiotherapist
Shummy Sangha - Registered Massage Therapist
Wesley Woods - Registered Nurse & Cosmetic Medicine Provider

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Also, stay tuned for a special event! 


Michael Kimbley said...

I do believe that there are other ways to heal your muscle or bone injuries than pills! I suggest you to try some physiotherapy and massage. The place where you can get expert therapies is - http://purelifephysiotherapy.ca/

Jessie Sulidis said...

Hi Michael
This is a physiotherapy and massage clinic! They provide a well rounded care system.