July 17, 2012

Calgary Stampede 2012

 This past July 6-15th I headed to Calgary to enjoy the 100th anniversary of the Stampede --what an amazing event. I love country music and make yearly visits to Nashville but nothing compares to the fun, excitement and honkytonk the stampede brings to the city. Everyone is decked out in cowboy-girl gear from head to toe and the streets are filled with haystacks, party goers, and live music.  I got to rock my cowgirl hat and boots and attended a few of the amazing events surrounding the city. Being my first time to Calgary, we started the trip off in Banff where we took in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and dined in the village. There were so many delicious candy and fudge shops surrounding the many worldly restaurants. It's definitely a must see while visiting Alberta. My boyfriend Jordan and I bought fudge from the shop, enjoyed a lunch then walked the beautiful scenery of Bell Falls. It's an incredible experience. Then we headed back to the city where we attended the Blue Rodeo concert at Cowboys, the Dallas Smith show at Nashville North, rode the mechanical bull at Ranchmans and walked the fair grounds taking in delicious bbq and, of course, the beer tent. I have been trying to eat a gluten-free diet and found some great spots and dishes around the city. UNA Pizzeria has amazing thin crust pizza and it's available gluten free! It was delicious and a great atmosphere with a patio. Another Gluten-Free must have was the seafood pasta at Thompsons inside the Hyatt Hotel. It's a title more upscale but still affordable prices and the best gluten-free pasta dish I've tasted.  Another great spot to hit whilst visiting Calgary is the infamous Melrose and Metropolitan Grill. They all offered a great ambiance, live music, and amazing food!  Overall it the Calgary Stampede was an event of a lifetime and is definitely a vacation I suggest everyone experience once in their lifetime. 

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