July 3, 2012


This past Canada Day long weekend had so many amazing and cultural  events going on in the city of Toronto. The city was packed as Canadians celebrated the Eurocup, Pride Parade, Digital Dreams music festival, and The Chin International Picnic. Chandeliers and Champagne's Jessie Sulidis and Leah Feeley attended the 46th annual 2012 Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic! This gathering was a celebration of all the multiculturalism around us while showcasing Canadian talent! There was so much to see at the Exhibition Place such as the Ms. CHIN and  Mr. CHIN International contest which was hosted by C&CGirls Jessie Sulidis, the Rising Star singing competition, Polish, Filipino and Italian Festival dancing, cycling races, petting zoo's, and lot's of yummy exotic foods. To top off a perfect Canadian weekend,  we were all pumped to celebrate with a performance by Toronto's own Shawn Desman!
Big Congrats to Mark Harris , Mr Chin 2012

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