July 18, 2012

Shellac - Nail Polish

We are right in the middle of summer and this heat is taking a major toll on our nail polish! Ocean water, pool water, gardening and other summer activities leave our nail polish dull and lusterless L

Solution: Try Shellac nail polish! Shine is long lasting, and polish is chip free and you are left with 14+ days of superior colour!

How is Shellac different from regular nail polish?

The female Kerria lacca, found in Thailand and India forests secrets a substance used to process Shellac! Shellac has been most commonly used as a wood finish for that glossy look. Recently (2010) it’s been used in a nail polish for that same glossy, rock hard, rock on finish.

Shellac is applied in layers and dried by a UV light. It dries within minutes and it looks even better than acrylic nails! It is also healthy for your nails and won't damage them! Get to the salons and try it out! ($30) 


sp calvin said...

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Mela Yulia Putri said...

nail design beautiful and interesting, thanks for giving me a good idea of nail designs.