May 28, 2012


Todd and Kali - photo credit Karim Romero
Chandeliers and Champagne Girls Jessie and Leah got to experience Seventh Stage and Nightwood Theatre's premiere of Bryony Lavery’s STOCKHOLM last week. What an amazing story and passionate adventure the audience is taken on by stage actors Melissa-Jane Shaw and Jonathon Young. We highly recommend this 70 minute production at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. 

The passionate, poetic, raw and physical, Stockholm was a critical success in London England and Sydney Australia, and has now made its way to Canada for its North American debut. Winner of the Wolff Whiting Award, Stockholm invites us in on an evening with Todd and Kali, the perfect self-styled couple. They’re beautiful, have a fabulous sex life and live in a designer home. But under the surface is distrust and desire so potent that even a much-anticipated holiday to Stockholm is threatened. Probing into the psychology of Stockholm Syndrome, Lavery transports us into a lovers’ dance that is at once destructive and euphoric. Stockholm leaves us questioning the fine lines between love and lust, aggressor and victim. "Todd and Kali go on a euphoric and destructive trip. And they haven't even left their house yet. It's smart, sexy, raw and intensely physical theatre. Let us take you hostage for this hour-long wide ride," says actress Melissa-Jane Shaw. 

STOCKHOLM is playing now through June 3 at the Tarragon Theatre (Extra Space room) from Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00 p.m., Wednesday 1:30 pm Saturday & Sunday at 2:30 p.m. The Tarragon Theatre Extra Space is located in Toronto at 30 Bridgman Street.

For tickets or more information call 416-531-1827 or visit
Prices range from $15-$30

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