May 8, 2012

Shamrock Abs of steel for Summer

Looking to get that killer six pack and flat stomach for summer bikini and beach season? Well, personal trainer and fitness guru Kevin McAllister from Shamrock fitness put Jessie and Leah to the ultimate abs routine workout comprising of just 6 moves. Check out the video and routine below to start your way to killer abs for summer 2012. For more information or to book sessions at "The Training Room" with Kevin visit

Lower Abs (laying leg raises)
Laying flat on floor, arms at side
Raise both legs together up to a 45 degree angle
Return legs to just shy of the floor
Repeat for 15 reps
 V-Ups (upper and lower abs)
Similar to the previous position, arms extended over your head
Raise legs and arms at the same time bringing our body up into the shape of a “V”
Return to start position
Repeat for 15 reps
Renegades (no weights, obliques)
Start in a push up position with feet 12” – 18” apart
Raise one arm up to your side without moving bo
Repeat on opposite side
15 reps per side
Side crunches (oblique’s)
Laying on side with arms behind your head, crunch sideways raising knees and legs off the floor, crunching your oblique’s
Repeat 15 times on each side
Knee taps (sit ups)
Laying in a sit up position, arms over your head sit up and tap knees keeping your eyes focused on the ceiling throughout the movement
Return to start position
Repeat 15 times
Laying face down on the floor, lift all limbs off the floor like “superman” and/or a skydiver and hold for 15 seconds
Note: repeat all 6 in a row 3-4 times for 15 reps with 1-2 minute of rest in between
All exercises can be done one after another for 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 20 reps
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets return to start position

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