May 17, 2012

Flirty Triple Threat

Looking for a sexy, flirty, and fun way to get fit and burn up to 1000 calories in just an hour? Leah and I found an exercise class at Flirty Girl Fitness that has us hooked! Triple Threat is our two-times a week go to for looking fit and fabulous for bikini season this summer. We've noticed such a drastic change in our bodies since joining the class just over a month ago. It's amazing how you can sculpt your body while having fun and being sexy at the same time. Flirty Girls' Triple Threat is a high intensity aerobics dance class mixed with polymeric training that is designed to produced fast, powerful movements which burns fat  and calories fast! The quick bits of super sexy choreography, taught by the stunning Michelle Argyris , makes for a sexy and fun class that brings out the diva in everyone.  This is a class that really works every muscle and part of the body while getting a cardio workout too. The teacher, Michelle is one of my favourite instructors at Flirty Girl-- she was a gymnast and cheerleader growing up like me so she really knows how to target the problem areas and incorporate sexy dance cardio to make the complete workout. 

Flirty Girl Fitness is Toronto's hottest women's only fitness and lifestyle studio offering over 100 classes per week.  Each class delivers highly effective, yet fun and entertaining workouts. They ensure you love working out so much you’ll make it a regular part of your daily routine - not because you have to, but because you LOVE to! Flirty offers a wide range of classes such as: Zumba. Abs & Booty, Women & Weights, Video Vixen,  Pole Dance,  Sexy Hip Hop, Sexercise, Hottie Body Boxing, Booty Beat, Chair Dancing, Burlesque and many more. Check out for a location and class schedule near you. 

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Check out the video below of Leah and I at a Triple Threat class at Flirty Girl Fitness


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