May 6, 2012

Beauty So Clean

Leah and I were browsing the vendors at the America's Next Top Model Live trade show this weekend in Toronto for all the latest 2012 fashion and health trends and came across a booth with an amazing product that I've been using as a makeup artist for over a year to ensure proper sanitation. Whether your a makeup artist like me, or just a makeup lover and wearer it's so important to ensure that your makeup and brushes that you put directly to your lips and face are clean, safe and bacteria-free. Makeup products collect oils, bacteria and germs from daily use and if we lend to a friend in need it can lead to eye irritations, infections and breakouts. A product that's taking over the health standards of the cosmetic industry, Beauty So Clean, rejuvenates, cleans and removed bacteria without altering the actual formulation of your makeup. You can use Beauty So Clean on all of your powder-based products such as press powders, blushes, eyeshadows, etc, and cream based products such as concealers and cream foundations. With just a quick spray on powders or a wipe on lipsticks in just 10 seconds your product is 100% sanitized! Beauty So Clean won't dry out or crack the colour of makeup like alcohol cleaners do. I am a professional makeup artist by day and it's a product I can't live without in my kit and in my at-home makeup bag! 
For more information visit the Beauty So Clean website at 

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