April 24, 2012

TZone Body Vibration Technology

Leah and I had a great weekend at the Toronto Bridal Show 2012 hosting the fashion show and promoting the blog! We were able to walk around and check out some of the vendors at the event and we're really impressed and excited to test and try TZone, full body vibration technology. It's the latest fad in the fitness industry that is getting tongues wagging. Many professional sports teams, celebrities, and athletes use whole body vibrations in conjunction with their fitness routines and now it's hitting the mainstream market as you can now own one in your own home or go to a vibration studio. Leah and I had to test out the new technology and we're amazed at how easy, relaxing, but satisfying just 10 minutes gave us on the machine. It almost feels like you're getting a full body massage but it's giving you so many health benefits at the same time. Immediately after using the machine my abs and legs felt tighter and I felt like I had more energy. The vibration technology increases muscle strength, tones and firms, takes off inches, increases your metabolism, decreases cellulite, assists in weight loss, massages muscles and is low impact so it won't hurt your joints. You are able to get maximum results with minimal effort. It's great for people that are always on the go and don't have time hit the gym for an hour. The TZone Body Vibration machine is convenient as 10 minutes on the machine equals 1 hour in the gym. Take a look at the video below to see Leah and I shake it! To learn more about vibration technology or to find a studio near you visit www.t-zonevibration.com or call 416-285-6055

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